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The company Barricella born in 1930 and has a long tradition of cultivation of tomato.

The products are made ​​exclusively with fresh tomatoes coming from their plantations, the quality of the raw material is provided by a 'careful selection of the best land, cultivated using the system dell'aridocoltura, production technique alternative to the conventional one, in total absence water, without drawing from any well and no groundwater, but waiting for the only rainwater.

Fertilization takes place through the sowing of "field bean green manure" that once flourished is buried, giving an incredible contribution of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a natural way. This method allows the tomato preserves the taste of the product and its nutritional values.

In 1997 starts a new project that combines its production also that of transformation, conservation and sale of high quality canned, practicing and maintaining those old methods that have accompanied us and, therefore, marked to date, without adding preservatives, antioxidants, thickeners and colorings, which would alter the properties and the natural characteristics of the tomato.

Directly from seed for planting in the field, picked up by hand from the final processing, the raw material is transported in our factory and transformed, preserving the authentic flavor of freshly picked tomatoes and getting an excellent product that meets consumers from the most demanding palate. 

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